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SARNISSA Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in sub Saharan Africa   is an online  African Aquaculture Research Network    with  by January 2019 over 3400  Registered members  and  4900 Followers on its daily updated Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/sarnissaafrica/  across a  wide range of   African and international countries across  the value  chain, different commercial,  research, academic, government, NGO and  donor and investors.

It  was originally    set up in 2008  as a European Commission 3 year project   to share information and contacts  and act  as a platform to bring together and promote dialogue between   individuals  across  borders, languages and  sectors.

It  works with and supports   African   aquaculture  producers and associated   value chain  actors across  all scales  to interact with each other and other  key stakeholders (English and French speaking) , whilst also  acting as a window   for  focussing   applied  targetted research    from  African and other researchers and academia   towards the needs of the    now growing   aquaculture sector across   the continent . 

To Register   and   benefit  its free…..      Either  Register on the home  page of this site    or  send your contact details  to Will Leschen wl2@stir.ac.uk  – noting that your   details will be kept  confidential and only released if you express to do so.  Once  registered you will also  be enrolled on  the English and or French   language SARNISSA  email discussion fora   in which   members regularly   send in requests, share information, publications, videos,  employment and research opportunities,  donor and  investment opportunities  etc 

So please  if you havent already   please  Register and start to  enjoy the benefits of   being part of   Africa’s  biggest  and most active  aquaculture network